Photography Passion Project

For my most recent class I got the opportunity to work on a little bit of a photography passion project. This photography passion project really helped me to learn more about my personal style and what I like to do. I really love product photography the most out of...

Comm 316 Top Images

I took a photography class this last semester called Comm 316 and I wanted to share my favorite images! This class has been a really great tool for me over the last semester and has taught me a lot about lighting, composition, editing and SEO for my website. I got go...

Alani Nu Product Shoot

I took my favorite energy drinks by Alani Nu and decided to do a product photoshoot with them! Alani Nu has created my all time favorite energy drinks so I decided to do a few product shots of my favorite ones. To prepare for the shoot I did watch a few different...

Female Fashion Portraits

Some shots I captured of the women from a little photoshoot that I helped put together a few weeks back. Check out these female fashion portraits! I like taking female fashion portraits a lot more than male because I feel like there are more things you can have them...

Melaleuca Product Photography

Recently I have been been able to try out a lot of new products from Melaleuca that I really love so I did a shoot for it! The shots I took of some of the Melaleuca products were just the ones that I really love and have personally tried myself. They are all so yummy...

Log Cabin Architecture Photography

I got to stay at a beautiful cabin a few weeks ago and I ended up practicing architecture photography. On the photo excursion I went on in May I had the opportunity to do some log cabin architecture photography and the Riverfront Retreat. It was interesting because it...

Iphone Photography Tricks

I have been learning a lot more about iPhone photography lately and it has been so fun! There are actually a lot of different iPhone photography tricks that I have learned over the last year that I had no idea about. I think most people relate to that so I wanted to...

Male Portrait Photography Poses

A few weeks ago I got to participate in a fashion shoot and was able to focus on posing different models. Here are a few shots I captured of the men! I am new to learning male portrait photography poses so this shoot was a little out of my comfort zone. I think the...

Food and Product Photography

My absolute favorite part about photography is using my skills to create amazing food and product shots. Food and Product Photography is my absolute favorite because there are so many possibilities. I feel like I have the ability...

Product Photography to Make Ads

I have found that my favorite part of taking pictures is that I can use product photography to make ads. I have been trying to figure out what part of photography I really love for the last few months. I finally figured out what I really love using product photography...

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